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A world of constant change, to know Ulamit, to understand it is a task that is near impossible. Floating islands, magical fluxes, strange beings, and the founding of new empires keep the world in flux. Yet, so many set out to gain just a small inkling of knowledge about this world. Often what they find to be true, others find to be false.

In the world of Ulamit you will find nations and empires at war with one another, lands that nobody has entered in thousands of years, and lands that nobody will enter. Magic exists, though you will find that the attitudes and availability to it differs greatly throughout the world. There is religion too, but just because someone believes that Gods exist (and have even walked the Ulamit) does not mean that it is true, and others may believe differently.

You are a group of adventurers, drawn together for varying reasons, you have set out into the world of Ulam together. As a group, you shall experience adventure, mystery, excitement, tragedy and great joys whilst traversing this mysterious world.

The Hidden World of Ulamit