Infamous Tiefling Slaver


Relexitis is a Tiefling slaver from the Desert Coast League, a religious fanatic and servant to the Dominion Lord Audeuxun. Relexitis, alongside her companion Sulskan is infamous across Ulamit as a clever and cruel slaver.

The heroes Regis, Meridoch and Ildrex came across Relexitis in the city of Oasis. Relexitis was found with a group of slavers who had kidnapped children. After the heroes had defeated Sulskan and chased after the slavers Relexitis was able to free the captured Sulskan.

Later, the heroes engaged Relexitis and Sulskan in one of the ruins in Oasis, defeating the infamous pair. Meridoch and Ildrex left the two with Regis, but upon returning discovered that both had somehow escaped.

Regis made references to a game with Relexitis.



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