The Hidden World of Ulamit

Trouble in the Streets
Welcome to Oasis

Our party finds itself in the city of Oasis, capital of the Sh’hoonic frontier kingdom Ligo. Regis the halfling bard found himself in the city during his many journeys through the Empire seeking romance, or at least romantic stories. Meridoch, an elven monk, having recently left the Maweti monastery in Latiet came to Ligo, interested in learning about the slave trade and the potential fate of his people.

After meeting one another in a local tavern, known as Fiddlesticks’ Room, they discovered it was completely filled, and thus the two ventured out into the night together to find a new tavern to stay in.

Whilst walking through the dark streets, our heroes hear a loud scream coming from a nearby alleyway. Running to the rescue, they discover a tiefling couple being attacked by a strange white-skinned broken-winged dragonborn. The heroes come to the couple’s rescue and attack the beast.

The heroes discovers that the beast is not a living creature, with dried up organs discovered when Meridoch’s foot and fist crush through its skin. The heroes manage to save the badly injured woman, and learn that the Tiefling couple’s young daughter was kidnapped.

Meridoch and Regis chase through the alley in the direction that the tieflings pointed out, but discover that the exit is blocked by two of the non-living beasts. The beasts, seeing the heroes approach close in for the kill.

The beasts are quickly dispatched, Regis getting an epic kill in with his dagger driven deep into the chest of one, reddish dust spilling all over his hands.

Following the defeat of the strange creatures, Regis and Meridoch find themselves standing in the middle of a deserted road. Listening carefully they identify the sounds of a wagon moving northwestward. Meridoch runs ahead while Regis follows behind slowly, weighted down by his heavy equipment. When Meridoch finds the wagon, he sees that it is being escorted by two humans, a tiefling woman, and a very large dragonborn. He attempts to confront the group, but the wagon continues to roll forward while only the dragonborn addresses him. The dragonborn asks him to come closer, and when Meridoch comes within range jumps at him with his axe.

The dragonborn puts up quite the fight, but cannot hit the heroes, and is eventually brought to his hands and knees. The two tie him up and go running after the wagon which has continued moving away from them. Meanwhile the Tiefling woman fled in another direction.

The two chase after the wagon, Meridoch catching up much more quickly. A battle seems ready to break out between the two heroes and the two nasty looking men, but one of them reaches under a canvas in the wagon and pulls out a young girl, threatening to kill her.

The men are convinced to leave the girl behind, and leave with their wagon while Meridoch carries the girl home with Regis playing music to comfort her. On the way they learn that the tiefling woman had freed their dragonborn captive, and that there was another tiefling with the caravan who was seen leaving the wagon before they arrived.

The young half elven girl, 5 year old Amissa, is brought safely home to her mother [[:liandria] | Liandria], her Content Not Found: telenor_ and Content Not Found: rendalin_. Regis heals the father who has been injured. Over a dangerously steamy cup of tea, they learn that their home was broken into, the father stabbed and Amissa kidnapped. While the family does not seem to have any deep enemies, it does seem that Content Not Found: gandral who works with the father doesn’t like them too much. The heroes learn that other children have been kidnapped. There seemed to be surprise that Azital, the tiefling whose daughter went missing, was attacked as it was rumored he too is a slaver. After speaking with the family they leave for the Rose and Goblet, where Liandria works, to head in for the night. There they received the keys to a room from a Content Not Found: delily who was fast asleep.


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