It is universally accepted that the elves all came from the Shamay Islands. Famed for their grace and intelligence, many of the greatest spellcasters in Ulamit are elven. There exists two main elven ethnic groups with their offshoots, which can be traced back to a major historical event. Within the Elven homelands, diversity is unheard of, it is not uncommon for an elf to be of mixed stock.

Shamay (archetype: High Elves): The Shamay elves are a proud and ancient people centered in the Shamay islands. Shamay elves are known for their extreme xenophobia. Non-elves are completely unwelcome in their communities, and even other elves are looked down upon.

Shamay elves are considered tall, even compared to humans, and are almost all blond-haired and pale-skinned.

Aved (archetype: High Elves): The Shamay islands have been home to many invasions and disasters, and over the centuries many elves have been forced to leave the land they love. While some communities left of their own free will many Aved elves are the descendants of refugees and slaves from the Shamay Islands. Aved elves still share the deep love of magic of their ancestors, however they have not had the access to great institutions of magical learning that the Shamay have. As such, Aved elves have had to teach themselves much of their magical skills, while the need to survive in often hostile environments have caused them to be cunning wise people.

Aved elves often have the height of their Shamay ancestry, but mixture with non-elven populations and survival in different environments have brought up wider diversity in them. Thus, it is not uncommon to find Aved elves with darker hair, skin, and eyes.

Mavom (archetype: Wood Elves): The freedom loving Mavom elves descend from a large group of elves who broke away from the Shamay after a great religious debate. The Mavom elves settled in the untamed wilds of Mavom, snuggled safely between the continents of Sh’hoona and Deroh.

Mavom elves are medium sized with pale skin and either have light-brown or blonde hair.

Viz (archetype: Drow Elves): The Viz elves descend from an early group of Mavom elves who crossed the northern mountains of Mavom. Legends tell that there was a great struggle that led to this exodus, and that the land they settled in was originally a place of great wonder and beauty. However, for as long as any have known, this land has been only swamp. Survival in the harsh swamps of Netviz was bred into the Viz elves, along with a seething hatred of their human conquerors. More xenophobic than the Shamay, the Viz elves have a special hatred for humans.

Viz elves have a ruddier complexion than most elves, and have darker hair and eyes.

Mavay (archetype: Wood Elves): The Mavom elves were known to spread out, settling in areas in both in Sh’hoona and Deroh. The more distant communities of Mavom elves began to quickly take on their own cultures and that of the surrounding races. As such, Mavay territories are usually much more civilized than Mavom, with great cities and higher culture that still embraces the more wild heritage. While at their core the Mavay elves are primarily descended from Mavom elves, Mavay often contain some Shamay, and even human stock.

There really is no common physical appearance for Mavay elves, however most tend to share in the lighter skin and hair of their ancestors.


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