The Mawet religion is either among the youngest or the oldest of religions, depending on who one was to ask. Mawets believe in a single deity who no longer takes an active role in the world.

According to Maweti doctrine, the Creator, who’s name is unknown, had a deep sense of loneliness. The Creator built several worlds, hoping to fill the loneliness, but none was able to alleviate the pain. In some worlds, the creatures hated the Creator, jealous for Its power, in others they saw themselves as being self-sufficient and not needing the Creator, while others loved the Creator so much that their subordinance did little to make the Creator feel comforted. The final world, the most perfect of all, was Ulamit. In Ulamit, the people had freedom to choose what they believed and how they behaved. Not all, but many chose to love the Creator, and they became companions to It. The Creator was happy and all was right.

Unfortunately, due to their freedom, the people of Ulamit began to build new religions, replacing the Creator, and the faith and love of Ulamit for the Creator began to fade. With the fall of the Lost Empire, the last bastion of faith in the Creator, the loss of Ulamit’s love left the Creator with an even deeper sadness and sense of loneliness than before. The Creator sunk into itself, withdrawing its powers and grace, and slowly entered a deep death-like slumber. Centuries later, the founder of Mawetism, Yugriss Mawet, claimed to have found ancient texts that spoke of the Creator. Yugriss began to preach the new faith, and slowly people began to gather to him with the hope that their love may revive the Creator and bring about a new age.

Mawets believe that the world as it is is in a state of impure evil, caused by the lack of faith of its residents. As such, Mawets reject worldly desires, believing that these desires are based in impurities. Many Mawets enter monasteries, where they can dedicate their lives to the Creator, showing their love only for It. Extra-planar beings are considered to be from the earlier worlds of the Creator, and that most of such beings are evil for having rejected the Creator. A Mawet will proselytize, and they have no issue with forcing their faith upon others. The Mawet religion is lead by the Hierarch, a descendant of Yugriss Mawet who they believe will one day be contacted by the Creator.


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