Sh'hoonic Empire

An ancient empire controlling most of the continent of Sh’hoona.

The empire consists of 12 queendoms, united under a dynastic emperor who rules from a capital in the center of the continent. The inheritance of the empire is a strange system, each queendom is ruled by a Queen who has birthed a son to the emperor. Each kingdom must send their princesses to the emperor to act as wives until a son has been born by a princess of that kingdom. That princess becomes the next queen. This means that each Emperor tends to have 12 sons and many many daughters.

Among the sons, when they have reached an age of intelligence, often considered as early as 3, they are allowed to choose one brother as their vote for the next emperor. The brother who has the most “votes” by the death of the current emperor becomes the new emperor, while the brother he voted for becomes his right-hand advisor, military leader and heir until another is born.

While the other brothers may live their lives out normally, any children they may have are castrated and taken away from them in order to ensure that there is no competition for the throne.

Because of this system, the dynasty is quite mixed between human and elven bloodlines, and from generation to generation the emperor may be more or less of one race depending on the mother.

While there has been from time to time inner conflict, kingdoms rebelling, royals escaping castration, the Empire has been quite stable. Because of this, the people of Sh’hoona have had the luxury of developing a thriving culture. High culture, with bards and art abound throughout the empire, with different kingdoms having their own cultures. The people of Sh’hoona are also quite mixed, with different races being spread across the empire. Among the kingdoms, 9 of them are led by humans while the 3 southern ones are ruled by elves. Other races are still found in the empire, having migrated here due to its security or financial opportunities, or even being native to one of the kqueendoms.

The Queendoms of the Sh’hoonic Empire are:
Mirat Kirean
Nar Hofa
Sher Mari
Rahat Malel

Sh'hoonic Empire

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