Gilan Nery

Legendary Azure Saint of Liberias


Gilan, the Azure Saint of Liberias:
A legendary bard and contemporary of the famed Wizard and Warlock, Gilan Nery was infamous for his acts against the powerful merchant classes of the lost empire and in support of impoverished peasants.

The origins of Gilan are widely debated in the halls of academia, and among bards themselves, but of the different origin stories, the earliest, and perhaps most accurate, come from the Histories of Alandid Soferet. In Soferet’s Histories, Gilan is presented as the wealthy heir to a famed traveling musical troupe, the Nery Clan. A selfish young man obsessed with material wealth and the pleasures of the body, Gilan followed in the footsteps of his family, setting out on a journey with a group of mercenaries so that he may learn more about the world and find adventures that he could compose into great legends. Soferet confirms that Gilan was involved in the legend of the Return, but claims that Gilan betrayed his allies in the end, deciding to follow a beautiful elven woman instead of helping them destroy their great dragon enemy.

Gilan seemed to have disappeared for a period of time after leaving with his elven mistress, but returns at a later point in history. Soferet claims that his mistress convinced him to help her people, a tribe of Mavom elves, shrug off the yoke of oppression from the empire. Indeed, Mavom legends dating from that period do speak of a mysterious human that came to their aid, and many believe that was Gilan. Upon his return to the larger world, we find that there is now an older, more mature and wizened Gilan, on the road to becoming a hero of the people.

Another origin, perhaps more popular, origin story places Gilan once again as having abandoned his allies, but instead choosing to have taken on a life of crime in his constant quest for gold. It is only when he attempted to ambush the Wizard and the Warlock and was defeated that he was taught the error of his ways, and was convinced that he should become a hero of the people. Does this story necessarily counter the other? Some believe that both are true, however we cannot know for sure. What we do know is that Gilan did befriend the legendary pair, and that at times he joined them in several of their own adventures.

Every region of Ulamit includes legends of the later Gilan, with stories of how he would ambush greedy merchants and redistribute their wealth among the poor. The merchant class at the time was considered to be extremely powerful, with gold ruling most of the Lost Empire. When Gilan took from the merchants, he didn’t only help the poor, but he brought the merchants down to the level of commoners, often teaching them valuable lessons.

Gilan himself was wealthy, though he used his money for good, and was considered a powerful player in the Lost Empire. He was loved by the nobility, and it is said that he may have even courted the Emperor’s court.

Gilan’s demise is much debated, some believe, including Soferet, that Gilan was slain at the hands of a jealous lover. However, the Church of the Polytheistic Devotion and the people of the Liberias League, believe that Gilan was martyred, a requirement for any avatar or saint of Liberias. The legend goes that Gilan had joined a group of nobles in a plot to overthrow the powerful Merchant Council. Gilan made major contributions towards the plot, but at the eve of their victory, outside the hall of the Merchants Council he was betrayed. The nobility, paid off by the merchants, betrayed Gilan and slew him on the spot. With his last words, he sung a song that destroyed the hall of the Merchants Council with all its members inside.

The following famous bardic songs are attributed to Gilan Nery:
- The Ballad of Sweet Yonk
- The Fall of Steel Mill
- The Orcish Cookbook
- Redrick’s Lullaby
- Wonden the Glamorous
- Chudah and Cholem

Gilan Nery

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