Meridoch Atrian

The grizzled former elven warlord turned monk


HP: 17
AC: 15
Speed: 35
Passive Perception: 14

Apperance: Meridoch is a middle-aged wood elf. He Generally stands in an open and friendly posture as a default. He gives off a warm friendly vibe and speaks gently to others. He often uses his ornate hooked spear as a walking stick.


Meridoch Atrian was born the son of Ceramor Atrian a chief of a tribe of wood elves known as the Ronari. The Ronari were known among the tribes of Deroh for being particularly hostile and aggressive towards their neighbors.

Being the son of a chief, Meridoch was given whatever he desired from the spoils of war: Gold, women, slaves, etc… whatever his heart desired. As child, he did not have to go through the same rigorous warrior’s training the other children. He simply enjoyed the greatest luxuries tribal life could allow. Soon after he reached maturity, Meridoch’s father stepped down as chief of the tribe and Meridoch took his place. Meridoch proved to be an excellent general, despite his lack of personal soldiery. He led his people on many successful raids against the neighboring tribes and even won a couple of high profile battles. This all changed when the Builder’s Empire attacked. Meridoch arrogantly deployed for battle against the builder instead of simply surrendering like many of his neighbors. Outnumbered, out-trained, and out-disciplined: his forces were decimated by the armies of the Builder. Those of his tribe who were not killed or captured were forced to flee for their lives. Meridoch managed to escape from the battle with his life. Too ashamed to attempt to rally the remainder of his tribe, he simply fled North to Latiet. Here, he found refuge in a monastery of Mawet. While he never converted to their religion, Meridoch soon grew very fond of the Maweti monks. He began helping out with work that needed done around the monastery, and the monks began to teach him a few combat techniques. Through the monks teaching, Meridoch soon realized how horrific his past actions were. He left the monastery resolved to help others instead of harming them. He does this only to bring more good into the world instead of evil. He does not expect to find redemption.

Meridoch’s allies are those among the Maweti monks who are able to look past religious differences.

He also is unsure of how the remaining Ronari would react to him. They may either hail him as their cheif, or attempt to execute him as a traitor.

Meridoch Atrian

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