The Romantic Halfling Bard


HP: 17
AC: 14
Passive Perception: 11
Speed: 25


Regis is from the Monakat in the Sh’hoonic Empire. He grew up as part of a traveling carnival. His mother was a sword swallower, his father someone she met in a town on her travels.

Regis adopted his mother’s profession and picked up many more tricks from the carnival’s members. Music, magic etc.

When he was 17 he fell in love the first time. Melissa, a human maiden, visited the carnival. She was as fascinated by Regis’ abilities as he was by her beauty. She would visit him every day of their stay and watch his performance. Even after the carnival’s departure the two stayed in contact through letters. However, 2 months before Regis returned to her town her letters suddenly stopped.

Regis was very worried and immediately visited her home upon his arrival in town. He was met with an icy welcome. Melissa’s parents blamed Regis for their daughter’s death, but wouldn’t tell him how she died.

So he investigated. He did not perform the entire week the carnival stayed, too busy chatting people up asking for rumors and clues.

Eventually he came across a small group of human “traditionalists”. These people hated halflings, blaming them for the perceived oppression of humans in the country. After all, the halflings had strayed from “their place” as humanities’ slaves.
Regis quickly gathered these people vehemently disagreed with the idea of a mixed race relationship. One of them made a remark concerning that and “some little whore”.
Regis did not need more evidence. After he finished what had to be done, and the last racist barely having stopped breathing, he fled town and country
He knew the authorities would be after him and didn’t want to trouble his companions. He’s been traveling the empire since, not daring to return to his homeland in ten years.(edited)
Never after this experience has he continued a relationship after leaving town. However, settling down was not an option. He is too scared about building a life just to have it torn down by his past actions. Nonetheless he is looking for that special someone that is either worth settling down for, or brave enough to accompany him on his journey.

Regis is heavily inspired by his hero, the legendary Gilan Nery.
Regis has his own repertoire of songs that he has written himself


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